I have lived in London now for five years, and I can safely say that out of those five years my hair has only looked good for one. That is because I have found it hard to find a hairstylist who could cut my hair exactly the way I like it. I‘ve lost count now of the amount of times I have had a really bad hair cut in this city whilst in search of ‘the one’ stylist that just understands what I want. (We have all been there right?)

I did eventually find an amazing hairstylist and I trusted her with my hair for a year.  Then she did the unthinkable…she left London, and then I was back at square one again, wandering the streets of London (with bad hair) in search of someone good enough to fill her shoes.  “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…”

Whilst on my search, I recently had the worst haircut of my life (I am not exaggerating…if you think Britney’s 2007 meltdown was a big deal… you obviously didn’t witness me at home after that hair cut) Lets just say that I will not be RUSHing back to that salon. (oops, was that a subtle hint?) *Inserts ‘monkey covering mouth’ emoji*

Anyway, thankfully this story has a happy ending, in the form of the amazing Ruffians Barber Shop. The guys at Ruffians Marylebone invited me in to have my hair cut and styled this week and I am happy to report that the whole experience was nothing short of amazing.

I entered the salon after teaching a 7:30am spin class and training two morning Personal Training clients, so I was extremely tired. Then enter stage left a member of staff by the name of Taylor, his mission was to offer me a coffee of my choice…did he read my mind? Two minutes later, my coffee arrived in a Ruffians branded disposable cup, regardless of whether my haircut went well or not, I was already won over by the amazing customer service and how at home I felt within minutes of entering the building. That and I was also loving the branding on the coffee cup… (You can take the Graphic Designer out of the studio, haha)

Next, I met my stylist, a bubbly, welcoming and friendly girl by the name of Jade. She sat me down, and spent time consulting with me about what I wanted from my hair cut and more importantly she was realistic and gave me a timescale of how long it would realistically take and how many haircuts would be required to fully grow my hair into my desired style. I already felt comfortable and she had gained my trust.

Thankfully she did not disappoint, and for the first time in months I was able to leave a salon with the haircut I had asked for…at last! My hair was styled exactly the way I asked and the finish was perfect. (Using their own brand of styling products which you can purchase here) Usually when I leave a salon I cannot wait to get home, jump in the shower and style my hair myself, but this time I was happy to walk around the streets of London knowing that my hair (for once) was looking slick.

Another thing that makes the whole experience so memorable is the interior of the salon. With exposed brick walls and old school barber chairs mixed with hints of contemporary bright yellow furniture and accessories,  (to match their branding) this salon is the perfect mash up of old meets new. It felt like a trendy bachelor pad, kind of what I would expect Joey and Chandler from Friends to live in (if they relocated to London…oh and if they were real) The overall aesthetic is effortlessly cool, slick and laid back…perfection!

If you live in London or Edinburgh and are wondering your city like I was, in search of  ‘the one’ (hair stylist) then I seriously recommend you check out Ruffians for your next cut (and that is coming from one incredibly hard to please guy) No more Britney meltdown’s for me then... *sets the hair clippers down* but I will definitely be hitting Ruffians up one more time... 

(ok, enough puns...I'm out) - MJ 

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